Cozy room by Sika Design

The story of our company begins in 1942, when
Ankjær Andreasen produced the first batch of
baskets, lamps, flower tables and other smaller
interior items made of rush and willow. In the 1950´s,
Ankjær expanded his production to include a series
of furniture made from rattan, and the company
Sika-Design was firmly established.
The rattan was imported from the Far East, and
Ankjær travelled there to purchase the rattan for his
wicker makers in Denmark. During a trip in 1972, he
was so impressed by the skilled wicker makers that
he decided to establish a wicker furniture factory in
Malaysia. Since then, the Far East has been essential
to our production of furniture.
Today, we manufacture our furniture in our own
factory in Indonesia. Ankjær‘s son, Knud Andreasen,
took over the company in 1983, however Ankjær
continued his daily “inspections” until his death in
1997. On my 10th birthday, my father allowed me
to attend a fair where Sika-Design was exhibiting a
series of rattan furniture.
On that day, I knew I wanted to be a part of his
company, and my passion for rattan furniture began.
Since 1996, my father and I have worked side by side
bringing Sika-Design into the new century with great
design, while never letting go of our strong heritage
of great craftsmanship.
Sika-Design respects human rights and complies
with the SA8000 standard for social accountability,
and we demand the same commitment from
our suppliers. Products from Sika-Design are
developed and marketed in accordance with our
management system for environment and social
responsibility ISO 14001/2004 and SA8000/2008.
Certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

COZY room is our new interior collection. With
this collection we want to create the cosy and casual
atmosphere that makes a house a home. Also, we
want to create a stylish ambience with textures and
subtle details inspired by nature to complement our
rattan furniture collections. We have a particular
focus on lanterns, which will make any décor cozy.
Our lanterns can be used both indoors and outdoors,
and when lit by candles, they create a very special
We also include charming tableware, decorative
flowerpots and vases as well as soft and beautiful
textiles in our collections. As with our furniture, we
take inspiration from nature’s materials and colours
and all items are handcrafted.
The story of Sika-Design began with an interior
collection in 1942, when Sika-Design’s founder
Ankjær Andreasen started an import of handcrafted
Christmas decorations and baskets made from straw
and wicker. Now we have returned to our roots with
the new collection COZY room.
Enjoy our catalogue and be inspired.
3rd generation,